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Aircraft Data

Note: The SWH retrievals below are done without rain flagging. A moving average is applied to the KaIA data before retrieval in order to remove the sub-swell variations in the ocean surface measured by the small footprint. Because of this, the effect of rain on the retrievals are extended and can be observed by comparing SFMR rain retrievals to the KaIA retrievals. The retrievals averages cover approximately 3 km and thus moderate rain events within this averaging window will affect the moving average over a similar range. The planned addition of a Ku-band channel will reduce the rain effects and will also allow for direct detection of rain.





KaIA significant wave height measurements overlayed on IFREMER WW3 model data interpolated to flight center time. If available satellite altimeter data will be overplotted on this plot.

KaIA significant wave height measurements.

Timeseries of KaIA and IFREMER model significant wave height measurements. Model data are interpolated in space and time to KaIA locations. If available buoy data is overplotted on this plot.

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